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For emergencies, always call 911 (or your local emergency response system if different).

Rocky Mountain Diabetes and Osteoporosis Center PA
3910 Washington Parkway
Idaho Falls, ID  83404
Fax:  208-523-2582

Pocatello Office
444 Hospital Way, Suite 611
Pocatello, ID 83201
Fax:  208-232-0755

208-523-1122 (both offices)


Appointments: To make an appointment with a physician, physician assistant, educator, or for laboratory testing at the Center, please call 208-523-1122 during regular office hours. If you have an urgent need, you will need to speak with a nurse, who will assess the urgency of your need and recommend when to make an appointment.

Urgent Care: For urgent needs outside of our regular office hours, you may call The Center at 208-523-1122; however, you will be greeted with a message that will guide you through what to do, based on your situation.

Because endocrine issues can be very complicated and can affect other areas of your health, you may also want to come in to the Center for non-endocrine related urgent care issues such as a cold or injury. We strive to have some appointment spots available each day for urgent care issues.

Prescription Refills: Please call your pharmacy for prescription refills. Typically, if you maintain a regular appointment schedule with The Center, your prescriptions will be on file with the pharmacy and they will be able to refill them. Where an authorization is needed, the pharmacist will contact our office.

Laboratory Results: Laboratory results are available on the patient portal.  In addition, laboratory results are sent to patients in what we call "Lab Letters," and typically, you do not need to call the Center for lab results. The Lab Letters include test results in addition to helpful information regarding the results. Also, the letters indicate if any follow-up action is required of you. We are alerted when lab results are not normal, and the physicians determine the needed follow-up action. Typically, when this occurs, our office will call you and inform you of what needs to be done (such as change to a medication and/or dosage), or the physician will indicate on the letter that you need to call us.