Durham College Collective Agreement

You can also contact your staff representative or the nearest regional office to get a copy of your collective agreement. Here is a list of all the regional offices. (1.) Read carefully the information file made available to you by the university and respond within 31 days of hiring on a contract term to ensure the most advantageous coverage. For example, if you and/or your family members are already in trouble, you can always sign up if you don`t miss the 31-day window. If you wait beyond the initial 31 days to register, you must provide proof of good health via a “health form” and Sun Life may tell you that you may never be eligible for coverage. Although universities are required to automatically enroll in extended Health Care, please note that standard coverage applies to a person`s coverage. So be sure to fill out the Sun Life Positive registration form for group insurance benefits to formally indicate your decision to participate in the available benefit rights, with individual or family coverage. changes in the higher education system, such as. B a dramatic increase in class sizes and an increasing dependence on partial load faculties, have led to the creation of a large underpaid and overburdened segment of partial load faculties, whose workload is limited only by a maximum of 12 hours of classes per week, unlike full-time teachers, whose workload is limited by many other factors, such as class size, contact periods and the number of pre-eminent and sections of courses.

The performance manager of each college is required to meet with you during your recruitment to check your performance options. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Because significant deadlines need to be met, you may need to contact your benefit manager as soon as you are hired to ensure that you receive the appropriate forms and that you are registered for the benefits that are best for you. Colleagues, since we are checking the college`s communications last night and we are reading that classes are cancelled, I would like to share with you the updates on the… OPSEU represents workers in too many collective agreement units to provide copies of collective agreements to individual employers on the site.