Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation Self-Government Agreement

2. The fine that can be imposed on a person convicted under a law of a first country under a statute may not exceed $5,000 and the custodial sentence may be imposed for such an offence may not exceed six months until an agreement on the administration of justice between the First Nation, Her Majesty and the Yukon Government is in effect. , or until the expiry of a transitional period under the First Nation`s self-management agreement for such an agreement, based on what happens earlier. In 1973, an organization called Yukon Native Brotherhood (now the Yukon First Nations Council) visited Ottawa under the leadership of Chief Elijah Smith to present a proposal entitled “Today for Our Children Tomorrow.” This document laid the groundwork for negotiating the democratic claims and autonomy for yukon First Nations. 2. The assets of a person in subsection 1, including funds held in the Consolidated Resource Fund, may be transferred for that person or that person`s estate on terms agreed to by the Minister of Aboriginal services and the First Nation. 29 Any insanity under the Indian Act by a predecessor band of a First Nation in force just prior to the effective date of the First Nation Autonomy Agreement applies to the First Nation and its citizens, as if the statutes were a first nation statute, as long as the statutes do not conflict with that law or the First Nation Constitution and are not in contradiction and amended. repealed by a law enacted by the First Nation after that date. (e) challenging the validity of First Nation laws and repealing invalid laws; and 12 (1) If the First Nation`s Autonomy Agreement provides for some of its legal powers, those powers cannot be exercised with respect to parts of the dwelling areas defined in the agreement. Self-management agreement means a First Nation agreement with Her Majesty the Queen in Canadian law and the Yukon government, with respect for the government by and for the First Nation; (agreement) 28 The Governor of the Council may adopt the necessary ordinances and regulations to implement the Autonomy Agreement of a Schedule II First Nation.

5. The final agreement of a first nation applies to countries in which an interest is transferred or recognized in accordance with paragraphs 1 or 2 in the manner provided for by the self-management agreement and to the extent provided for by the autonomy agreement.