We utilize an electronic medical records system in which we record your prescriptions. We have also established electronic prescribing connectivity with most of the pharmacies in the area, including our own Rocky Mountain Pharmacy.

Rather than sending your prescriptions to the pharmacy with the traditional written or faxed forms, in most cases, we send them electronically, which is safer and more efficient.

In some instances, e-prescribing is not available; in such cases, we will use fax or use traditional printed or written prescriptions.

You can help the prescription process run more smoothly by following these guidelines:

Drug Samples

Pharmaceutical company representatives provide our office with samples of medications frequently prescribed by our office. These are typically used by providers when starting patients on new medications.

Sometimes additional samples are made available to patients who do not have insurance, or who have other financial limitations in obtaining medications.

Patients may request these samples by simply calling ahead and then coming in later to pick up the samples. Our nursing staff will process requests periodically during each work day and will leave the samples that we have available at the front desk for you to pick up.

Samples can only be provided for the prescribed medications of the requestor. Requested samples are not always available.

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