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MERCKEngage is your online destination for medical information. Use this convenient site to better understand your health conditions and to prepare for future visits with your doctor. From recipes to inspiration, MERCKEngage is a tremendous resource for people needing support.


When your child goes back to school after the summer months, it is important to plan properly.  Proper meal and supply planning can help your child manage their diabetes in a new environment and among new people.  Also, meeting with school administrators, nurses, aids and teachers is also important.

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This plan should be completed by the student’s personal health care team and parents/guardian. It should be reviewed with relevant school staff and copies should be kept in a place that is easily accessed by the school nurse, trained diabetes personnel, and other authorized personnel.

This is an article written by Maggie Barrett of JDRF.  Our Director of Education, Becky Sulik, RD, LD, CDE, was interviewed for the article and provides invaluable information to help people who find themselves eating poorly during stress or boredom.   Read here.

This webpage has a myriad of helpful documents that can be viewed and printed in PDF format.  We have collected many of the best articles to assist you and your family to eat healthily.  Check out the many amazing ideas and helpful hints to a healthy lifestyle.

ChooseMyPlate.gov with its accompanying app, helps people build healthy eating habits following the My Plate visual concept of food selection.  The mobile app is convenient and easy to use.  Remember, “Start Simple with MyPlate!”

This webpage has a variety of nutrition tips and helpful documents that can be downloaded for your reference.   There are also some kids activities that help teach good nutrition.

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