Prescription medications are an important part of the total care of our patients. You can help the prescription process run more smoothly by following these guidelines:


When you need a refill, contact your pharmacy. In most cases, your pharmacy will have the updated information regarding your prescriptions and can provide you with the medications you need. If they need authorization for a refill, they can request that from us electronically. Additionally, the pharmacy may be able to assist in urgent need situations.

We cannot always accommodate on-the-spot requests for prescription refills if you contact us directly. Please make sure that your requests are submitted at least 24 hours ahead of when you need the refill.

Rocky Mountain Pharmacy

Within our Rocky Mountain Diabetes complex, we have a full-service pharmacy, Rocky Mountain Pharmacy.  Many patients find this pharmacy a convenient place to fill and refill prescriptions, and our providers are closely connected and have easy access to the pharmacy staff.

Regular Appointments

Maintain a regular visit schedule: As you visit your physician regularly (no less than once per year), he or she can determine when adjustments to your medications are necessary. Additionally, our office can update your pharmacy electronically with your prescription information. Typically, refills are authorized to last one year.

Prescription Samples

Samples: Pharmaceutical company representatives provide our office with samples of medications frequently prescribed by our office. These are typically used by physicians when starting patients on new medications. Sometimes additional samples are available to patients who do not have insurance or have other financial limitations in obtaining medications.

Patients may request these samples by simply calling 24 hours ahead, and then coming in after 24 hours to pick up the samples. Our nursing staff will process requests periodically during each workday. They will leave the samples that we have available at the front desk for you to pick up. Samples can only be provided for the prescribed medications of the requestor. Requested samples are not always available.

Prescription Assistance

Patients who may need financial assistance for their medication are encouraged to contact Freemed at 528-6337 to identify what programs may be available to help with their situation.

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