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The education program at Rocky Mountain Diabetes Center offers comprehensive education on diabetes and related issues, such as nutrition, weight loss, continuous glucose monitoring, and insulin pump usage.

Diabetes is a complex and chronic disease in which the body does not produce or effectively use insulin. Proper management of diabetes can improve quality of life and reduce risk of long-term complications typically caused by the disease.

Our Program and People

The diabetes education program received recognition from the American Diabetes Association in 1997 and has held that distinction since that time.

This recognition provides formal acknowledgment that our program meets the National Standards for Diabetes Patient Education and enables insurance coverage for many of our education services.

Rocky Mountain Diabetes Center includes people who have made it their business to stay on the cutting edge of diabetes treatment and education. Our physicians are actively involved in our clinical research program and continue to stay informed on the latest developments in treatment and technology.

Dr. John Liljenquist, MD
Dr. John Liljenquist, MD

“Research has repeatedly shown that aggressive management of blood sugar levels can prevent and even reverse some of the complications of diabetes. The foundation of such aggressive therapy is diabetes self-management education.

With no other major disease in our country, that I am aware of, do the patients themselves play such a pivotal role in the management of their disease.

The diabetic patient has to follow careful nutrition guidelines, test blood-sugar levels, exercise, take medications, care for feet, and more on a daily basis. Without initial and then ongoing education, patients struggle to continue doing these challenging tasks.

When they stop doing them, diabetes moves relentlessly to destroy their health.”

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