Excessive Weight Gain

boy with some weight gain issues.

Weight gain in children is a natural part of their physical growth.  Normal weight gain is particularly noticeable just before a child begins a growth spurt.  In such cases, there is no need for parents to be concerned.  However, when a child experiences rapid weight gain within a short period of time, parents have reason to pause and explore the situation without overreacting, which can be emotionally difficult on a child.

Causes and Risk Factors

young swimmer.Excessive weight gain in children may have underlying factors related to their genetics, kidneys, thyroid, or heart.  If abnormal conditions exist, they can lead to more serious conditions like type 2 diabetes or other endocrine related diseases.

There are many possible causes of rapid, excessive weight gain in children.  Causes may be as simple as an inactive lifestyle, or they could be more complicated due to a medical condition.   Medical conditions that can contribute to excessive weight gain include:

Puberty and gut health are also contributors to the causes of excessive weight gain, and again, some are normal while others require medical attention.

Proper care will prevent childhood obesity, which can lead to the onset of a variety of diseases and an increased risk of heart attack and stroke later in life.

Diagnosis and Treatment

When children experience excessive weight gain due to lifestyle, an increase in activity levels and a focus on a healthy diet often reverse the condition.  In such cases, the child grows up healthy.

However, when a child experiences abnormal and excessive weight gain not due to lifestyle, an appointment with Dr. Joshua Smith will help.  Dr. Smith will provide a comprehensive medical evaluation that may include lab work to provide a clear picture and proper diagnosis.

Pediatric Endocrinology Specialist

Dr. Smith is the region’s only pediatric endocrinologist and is specifically trained to properly diagnose and treat the source of excessive weight gain and prevent the onset of diseases like type 2 diabetes.

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