Excessive Weight Gain – Obesity

Excessive Weight Gain – Obesity

In many cases, excessive weight gain can be attributed to a person’s lifestyle.  Such is the case with overeating habits or an inactive/sedentary way of life.  In other cases, excessive weight gain can be due to the natural aging process or simply a side-effect of certain medications.

There are, however, a wide variety of underlying hormone-related conditions that can cause excessive weight gain and obesity.  Since the endocrine system controls many aspects of digestion and hormone production, it can affect appetite and fat accumulation.overweight man research on his laptop.


Because of the numerous and varying possibilities of the underlying hormonal condition, additional symptoms are possible.


The causes of hormone related weight gain/obesity are directly related to underlying conditions that affect hormone production.  These common conditions may include:

Each of the conditions listed above affect hormone production.  Any hormone imbalance can lead to excessive weight gain or obesity.

Risk Factors

Obesity is defined as an excess of calories stored in the body in the form of fat.  Thus any of the following risk factors may lead to the body’s tendency to store calories.  Common risk factors include:

From these risk factors, we can ascertain that while we have no control over some conditions, some lifestyle changes may prevent excessive weight gain and obesity.


A proper diagnosis will require a medical evaluation from one of our specialized endocrinologists.  Their specialty will help determine if an underlying hormonal condition is the cause of excessive weight gain and obesity.

Laboratory tests from blood and urine tests will provide important insight into any existing hormone imbalances and help determine the proper treatment.


doctor consulting with a patient.Lifestyle and dietary modifications are obvious treatment recommendations for people who are asymptomatic of any underlying hormone related condition.

Should the laboratory results identify a hormone imbalance, however, treatments may include:

Of course, only after a proper examination and laboratory testing will a proper diagnosis be established to determine the best treatment option.

Endocrinology Specialists

Due to the nature of this condition which directly relates to the endocrine system, our doctors at Rocky Mountain Diabetes Center are highly trained to identify and effectively treat excessive weight gain and obesity.

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