Ovarian/Testicular Dysfunction

Ovarian Testicular Dysfunction

Ovarian/Testicular Dysfunction

Ovarian dysfunction in girls and testicular dysfunction in boys are conditions where the sexual development is absent, delayed, or dysfunctional.

Ovarian Dysfunction

Young woman studying at a Computer.In girls, when their ovaries are not functioning normally the condition is referred to as ovarian dysfunction.  In these situations the female hormone estrogen is typically being released at a low level and may cause the following symptoms:

Because many of these symptoms parallel those in older women going through menopause, the condition is sometimes referred to as premature menopause in teenage girls.


Causes of ovarian dysfunction are largely idiopathic (unknown), but genetics or problems with the immune system may play a role.

Testicular Dysfunction

boy reading outside.In boys, testicular dysfunction may manifest itself in a few different ways, based on age.  Low levels of testosterone may cause physical abnormality and lead to testicular failure which occurs when the testes do not produce male hormones.  Symptoms may include:


There are several know causes of testicular dysfunction.  These causes include:

Undescended testicles at birth, frequent bicycle riding, or heavy use of marijuana are also contributors that amplify the condition.

Diagnosis and Treatment

The treatment of both ovarian and testicular dysfunction will vary based on the individual’s situation.  In cases where low hormone levels are apparent, hormone replacement therapies may be recommended.

An appointment with Dr. Joshua Smith, our pediatric endocrinologist, will help!  He is an expert in identifying the root cause of ovarian and testicular dysfunction and can provide treatment options.

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