Pediatric – Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes in children, also known as juvenile diabetes, is a condition where your child’s pancreas no longer produces insulin due to an autoimmune reaction.  Insulin is an essential hormone that helps the cells of the body convert glucose (sugar) into energy.

When glucose can’t enter the cells of the body, it remains in the bloodstream.  High levels of sugar in the blood can cause a variety of long-term health problems in the eyes, gums, teeth, nerves, kidneys and heart.

Children who are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes will require insulin therapy for the rest of their life.

Newly diagnosed patients and their families can feel overwhelmed and discouraged but we provide top-notch medical care, personalized education and the hope of a good quality of life.

Dr. Joshua Smith is a specialist in pediatric endocrinology and is specifically trained to treat endocrine system diseases like type 1 diabetes.

Common symptoms of type 1 diabetes may include:

photo of Dr. Joshua Smith with a baby
Dr. Joshua Smith, Pediatric Endocrinology Specialist

Our education department is comprised of licensed and registered dieticians and certified diabetes educators who work with patients and their families to help everyone adjust to life with diabetes.  Many of our team have diabetes so we understand the common struggles from first-hand experience.

We teach patients and their families how to give insulin injections, count carbohydrates and monitor blood sugar levels. While type 1 diabetes in children requires consistent care, advances in blood sugar monitoring and insulin delivery have improved dramatically in recent years.

The American Diabetes Association has extensive information about type 1 diabetes on their website but if you are concerned about diabetes in your child, give us a call at 208-523-1122.

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What is Type 1 Diabetes?

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