Nathan Cheney – CITI, PHRP


Operations Manager – Research

Nathan CheneyNathan has worked with the Rocky Mountain Diabetes Center family of businesses since 2018.  He has been an integral member of the Rocky Mountain Clinical Research management team from its inception.

Nathan brings nearly three decades of management experience overseeing human resources, operations, finance and sales efforts for businesses in Idaho, Utah and Wyoming.  This extensive experience, coupled with his specialized CITI biomedical research certification and PHRP human resource accreditation, makes his oversight invaluable to Rocky Mountain Clinical Research.

Nathan is driven to facilitate well-trained, team-oriented individuals and to cultivate a healing environment that will support the clinic’s mission to do all that is possible to lift the physical and emotional burdens of patients battling diabetes or other illnesses.  He feels it is an honor to work with remarkable healthcare professionals who are centered on healing and who sincerely want to make a difference in people’s lives not only in our community but throughout the world.

To Nathan, one of the most exciting aspects of Rocky Mountain Clinical Research is the dynamic partnership the doctors and the research care providers share with patients.  Together, they all gain a more profound understanding of the effectiveness of new therapies enveloped with optimal patient care and comfort.  It is astonishing for him to see how doctors and research care providers, with seemingly small adjustments in treatment, can often make a huge impact on the future health of a patient and treatment methods for others.

Within Rocky Mountain Clinical Research, Nathan oversees operations, which includes hiring, training and study-related finances and more.  Just about anything that needs attention within the organization will be tended to with Nathan’s ambitious gusto!

Nathan is married and, together with his wife, has raised four children.  Their children have been their primary focus.  Anything they can do with their family provides extensive joy and happiness.

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