(Dr. Joshua Smith, Pediatric Endocrinology Specialist)

Pediatric endocrinology is the specialized study and treatment of endocrine gland related disorders in children, including teenagers. Dr. Joshua Smith of Rocky Mountain Diabetes Center is board certified in this subspecialized field of medicine.


Endocrine disorders in children manifest themselves in a variety of ways that are unique in children as their bodies are growing and developing. When children grow abnormally, it could be due to endocrine disorders.

Dr. Smith diagnoses, treats and manages endocrine related disorders including:

    • Diabetes
    • Low blood sugar
    • Problems with Vitamin D
    • Thyroid gland disorders
    • Pituitary gland disorders
    • Glucose metabolism
    • Obesity
    • Growth problems, such as short stature
    • Bone Metabolism
    • Early or delayed puberty
    • Ovarian and testicular dysfunction
    • Ambiguous genitals/intersex


Dr. Joshua Smith enjoys working with endocrine patients and visiting with their families. Along with the diagnosis and treatment, Dr. Smith teaches patients about their conditions, and informs them about what is happening with their bodies.

Using technology, Dr. Smith provides evidence-based, comprehensive care and has a special interest in diabetes, endocrine effects of optic nerve hypoplasia, pubertal and growth disorders, adrenal conditions and thyroid disease.

Endocrinology is a fascinating field and I try to convey my excitement and passion when I teach patients, medical students, and physicians. Most of all, I love having fun with patients, families and clinicians!

–Dr. Joshua Smith

Treatment Areas

Dr. Joshua Smith is expertly trained to care for children in the following treatment areas:

Glucose Metabolism

Endocrine Specific Glands


If your child suffers from problems with growth, puberty, diabetes, hormone or gland related disorders, Dr. Joshua Smith will visit with you and your child to address your concerns and provide the best possible care.

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